Sunset at Brugge – Before/after

Here is a short article on how I post processed this picture.  I took this picture a few days ago from the second floor of a building in Brugge.  You can see the Grote markt (central square) with the Christmas market.  This picture comes from a timelapse I made for Christmas.

The sky is created with 100 pictures to simulate a long exposure effect.  I use the jpeg I exported for the timelapse.  I opened all of them in a single Photoshop document (files< scripts<load files into stack).  I created a smart object by selecting all the pictures, right clicking < create smart object.  I use mean mode to create the long exposure (layers<smart object<stack mode<mean).

I recommend you to check this tutorial for more details : How to Improve Your Long Exposure Photography with Photo Stacking

After, I used to other exposure, one with the horses and one with the peoples on the left.  I blended them with the sky.  I added an orton effect, some warm light in the sky and on the horses.

Here is the before/after.  Such a huge difference !  You probably notice that the before image was quite under exposed.  I made that choice on purpose since it is easy to bring back details in the shadows than in the highlights.


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